designed by Shel

Its my first time actually making it but anyways-

This widget have three use.

The first one is the background. If you press the background, you can come back to this app and you can change your widget to another one, just for the one you pressed, I mean it originally already have this features but whatever, Next

Second is the progress thingy on the background, if you press it youll open your calculater, dont ask me why cause heck, I dont even know, abd beware,you sometimes can press it but sometimes dont cause your finger are big hshahshdXDD. And the third is the battery, it can open your album, like literally, just press it and boom, you opened your album, its that easy

Welp thats all, hope you guys like it, Ill try to make more widgets for you guys to use so follow me if you wanna check it out in the future qaq

psst: and youll probably never see me again so its better to just, ya know, click the follow button uwu

Day 1


aesthetic cool emo purple sad vibe tap
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Uploaded on 13 Jun 2021

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